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i2a Achieve Matrix Standard

Matrix Standard Achieved

i2a achieved the Matrix Standard in June 2017. This is a unique nationally recognised quality standard which assesses and measures the information, advice and guidance services that ultimately support individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.

The assessor interviewed all of the team, including Chair of the i2a board John Coutts, 4 partner organisations and 14 customers.

Initial feedback highlighted two areas of strength for i2a with the first recognised as a major strength:

  1. i2a have open and transparent leadership; involving staff in their appraisals and linked to the business objectives.
  2. i2a deliver a flexible service to meet their client needs; clients are positive about the service; make good use of resources and signposting.

Client comment:

‘They’ve done so much work to help me, they’ve been brilliant’

Partner organisation comment:

‘i2a have a high success rate of engagement and breaking down barriers with clients’

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Matrix Standard Achieved

i2a have a high success rate of engagement and breaking down barriers with clients"

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