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Training Education Volunteering & Employment Services

Inspired to Achieve offer a wide range of services to individuals and organisations to support people to access and remain in education and employment.

Our overall organisational aim is to reduce poverty by supporting our clients into sustainable employment paid at the living wage through our training, education, volunteering & employment services.

Much research has shown that the earliest positive intervention is delivered the more effective it will be.  We work with people of all ages and use our engagement expertise to deliver impartial information and guidance to enable informed decisions to be made.

CV Tips

C.V. TipsA good CV (curriculum vitae) will convince an employer that you have the right skills and experience to do a particular job. By using our Self Help Pack and CV template you will be able to create your own CV.  Of course you can get in touch with the team at Inspired to Achieve who will be only too happy to help.


i2a CV Self Help Pack

CV Template

Interview Techniques

The interview is a discussion between you and the employer and provides you with the opportunity to tell your story and sell yourself. Preparing for the interview is important and using our interview technique tips will ensure you are prepared for the event.  Of course you can get in touch with the team at Inspired to Achieve who will be only too happy to help.


Interview Tips Guide

Job Hunting Support

When you are looking for a job there is a range of information sources and resources to help you in your search. You may looking for a job for the first time after leaving school or college or you may be thinking of changing job or returning to work. If you are unemployed, there are a number of services and support to help you find work.  The team at Inspired to Achieve can offer you job hunting advice to help you find the ideal job for you.


Covering Letter Template

Job Application-Do's & Dont's

Job Application Form Guidance Notes

Employment Agencies

Job Sites & Recruitment Agencies


We work in partnership with many employers in the South West which enables us to place clients in sustainable employment positions and in addition give the employer the reassurance that the employee has been supported by i2a and has the required skills and attitude for a particular job role.

The process begins with the employer alerting us to a vacancy within their organisation, if we have a suitable candidate who is eager and suitable for the role our Employment Coach will make a recommendation to the employer. The Employment Coach will then spend time with the client preparing and supporting them through the application, interview and acceptance process. The client may need interview coaching for example which could take the form of one-to-one support or training at an i2a workshop.

Our aim is not only to support people into work but also ensure they keep those roles. Therefore we support them throughout the job seeking process and also after they have secured the post. The Employment Coach will ensure the new employee is happy in the role and offer continued support if any is needed.

Interested In Working With Us?

To find out more about our service offerings and the work we do get in touch via any of the following:

Tel: 01935 404075


Twitter: @i2aguidance

Facebook: Inspired to Achieve


You may choose volunteering for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills, refresh employability skills after a career break or build on existing experience and knowledge. You can also get in touch with the team at Inspired to Achieve to help you find the ideal placement to suit your goals.


SPARK Somerset


CSW You Can Do

Engage West Somerset

Funding & Benefit Entitlement

There may be benefits and grants that you are entitled to which will help you in your return to work, undertaking courses or learning or in your business start-up. Contact the team at Inspired to Achieve for further advice and to ensure that you are getting your full entitlement.



@KarenYarlington @MarcusFysh @Conservatives @i2aguidance Totally agree & the great work that HAs like @yarlingtonhg @radiangroup group deliver supporting their tenants into employment has contributed to this statistic. Still too much in Work poverty & @i2aguidance will work on this with our ABC model @CsthatWork #StrongerTogether

@MarcusFysh @Conservatives Against a backdrop of rising numbers of children growing up in poverty it’s never been more important to work with agencies (like @i2aguidance) to ensure quality support, enabling parents to get sustainable employment. No one should have to choose between heating or eating.

Really appreciate that @i2aguidance & @yarlingtonhg Promote agile working Max is enjoying helping me out 🤣 #agileworking

Really appreciate that @i2aguidance  & @yarlingtonhg Promote agile working Max is enjoying helping me out 🤣 #agileworking

Exciting project with scope to be innovative and work in partnership with LPW to deliver a pilot that is bespoke to meet each individuals needs. thanks to @yarlingtonhg for funding the project as part of their commitment to social choice #social impact

Martin Clayton on Twitter

”Looking forward to flying the @i2aguidance and @yarlingtonhg flag in #Bristol as of January, taking the lead on a meaningful, innovative projec...

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